Why do Companies Run Contests?

Every business needs to get their message out and they need to establish themselves in the market. Word of mouth is essential in today’s world as much as it was in the past. Thanks to social media, anything related to a company or its products do not remain quiet for long. By keeping this adage in mind, businesses tend to run contests.

You might have filled up a form at one point in time, giving your email address and other information. Have you ever wondered why businesses run such contests in Canada? Here we discuss the reasons why:

  1. Allowing Contestants to Promote Them: A business might announce a contest, let’s say a hashtag contest or a caption contest. They might also urge the contestants to share the link on their timeline, and the photo that gets the most number of likes will be the winner. This means, the contestants are spreading the company link to their friends and family, and this business gains a lot of exposure.  This visibility will benefit this business a lot.
  2. Helps to Grow their Fan/Follower Base: Smart businesses often state the first step to enter the contest will be to click on the ‘Like and Follow’ buttons of their page. This is a cool way to increase authentic followers or fans in thousands in a matter of weeks.
  3. Interact with Customers: People start a lot of talk and form discussions centred around a contest. This presents companies an opportunity to gather feedback and converse with their current and future customers.
  4. Get Data from the Participants: Businesses need data and will likely design their contest in a way that provides an opportunity to gather this information. An example of this would be asking a set of questions as a step to entering a contest.

With these valid reasons, companies run contests online in the most profitable and least expensive ways to get more customers, exposure and data.

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